Best mobile emulators in 2017

Is your website mobile-ready ?

Preparing your site for mobile customers can be time-consuming, considering the wide range of mobile devices and browsers.

There are some great tools that can make sure your site is mobile responsive.

Here is the list of free online mobile emulators for testing your site on mobile devices.

Two types of emulators:

  1. Web-based emulators – allows you to check your site on a simulated mobile screen.
  2. Emulators — allows you to evaluate your site’s mobile readiness.

Here is the best list of Free basic emulators and several of the testing applications are free.

Review your sites with Mobile Emulators:

You can easily view how your web page looks on different screens & resolutions at the same time. Mobile. Step through your site easily within the emulator to speed up your testing

The usage of websites that comes from smartphones and other mobile devices is growing day by day, and it won’t be long before mobile Internet users overtake desktop and laptop users in terms of web traffic.

A Mobile Emulator will give you a glimpse of how a website will look how it is viewed on Mobile phones on different browsers.

Best mobile phone tab emulators:

1.Mobile Phone Emulator

It is the top online best mobile phone emulators. The good advantage of this site is that includes a large number of mobile platforms.

Mobile Phone emulator to test your website

2.iPad Peek

iPad peek online nifty tool helps to check how websites rendered on iPad. Already it’s residing in the hands of 300,000 people who purchased and started to use. iPad usage was growing day by day so web developers started to paying attention to clients how their websites visible on iPad.

ipad peek emulator to test your website

3. MobiReady

A free tool to test your mobile site developed by the dotMobi firm. It is similar to Gomez, Also MobiReady checks W3C mobile compliance and detailed error reports for improving the site.

MobiReady to test your website

4. Screenfly

A free tool to use web application that can check responsive screen testing on computer monitors, smartphones, mobiles, etc.

Screenfly to test your website

5. Responsinator

It helps to display the responsive website shows it looks on the most popular devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc)

Responsinator to test your website

Have you used any one of these Mobile emulators for testing your website?

Would you like to add any others to the above-mentioned list? Let us know in the comments below.

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