Responsive wordress website cost 2017

Each website design is unique and hence building each website takes different amount of time and cost. This article will give you an idea on how much it will cost to build a Responsive WordPress Website Design.

1. Decide whether you want to use any ready-made WordPress theme or build a unique one which suits your business/service. There are tons of ready-made WordPress themes available ranging from $48 to $99, so choose one and get the developer to install and configure it. So this may cost you roughly around $50 for WordPress theme + $50 installation setup and adding content. So within $100 you will get a working wordpress site but the problem here is lot of people like you would have purchased the same ready-made WordPress theme and used it and hence your site wont look unique sometimes it may not match your business/service which you provide.

2. If you choose the other path of customizing the ready-made WordPress theme, than the story is little different. Here you need to find out the right developer with prior experience in customizing similar theme the developer should be willing to work on fixing every thing till you are satisfied. The developer should be aware about auto WordPress updates Theme updates and based on this they should create a child theme and customize it. And sometime they may need to add or remove plugins based on your need. This may cost you around $50 for the theme + on average of $15 to $20 an hours for total number of hours it will take. My rough guess, this may cost you between $200 to $250 but again the site structure will look almost similar to ready-made theme with different skin color images. So if you are fine with this, than its best to go ahead with this. Please make sure you test the site in all browsers and mobile devices.

3. Going with custom built WordPress Responsive Site. This will cost you high but you will have luxury of deciding how you want the website to look and what color to put in for each sections. Here the effort from you and the developer will be more compared to other 2 methods. And you can build the website to match your business/service without comprising on anything. And there wont be anyone who will have similar site like you. If you have good budget than go for this and find the right team to build you the WordPress Responsive website. This makes your customer feel that you as a owner given importance to each and every part of the business and hence buying/hiring from you would be the best. But please make sure you test the site in all devices and ask the theme to give a unique design feel for the business and not to copy from other competitor site. The cost for building custom wordpress website design will start at $500 and may go upto $10,000 based on the functionality needed.

So if you have good budget, than go for your custom built wordpress website else go for read-made wordpress theme but customize the theme as much as possible.
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