wordpress website clean up

It is great to have your website built with WordPress CMS that is powering more than 17 million websites across the internet. After you’ve used WordPress for a while, you have to clean up your website for hassle-free user experience.

Before we start, Take a website Backup and store in your local disk.

Ensure you have the complete site files and database backup downloaded and saved on your computer.

Here we go “Steps to cleanup WordPress Website in 20 Minutes”

  1. Remove plugins

    You would have added N number of plugins to accomplish some functionality but some may be inactive and outdated.

    Login to your admin dashboard, check for:
    *Unwanted/unused plugins – Delete it
    *Unwanted/unused themes – Delete it
    *Update all active plugins to latest version

    Keeping unwanted plugins increases the risk of malware, SQL injection attacks.

  2. Spam comments

    WordPress websites will receive lots of SPAM comment.

    *Turn-off comments for your blog post
    *Delete all spam comments daily / weekly
    *Install a suitable plugin like Delete Pending Comments and remove it.

  3. Remove unwanted media files

    In your media library section, you can see lots of images, videos, pdf’s and other files added to your site. Remove unwanted / unused images to save your server disk space and improve site loading speed.

    And again you have plugins like Image Cleanup to do this job but I would recommend you to do it manually. Also to optimize / compress / resize use Smushit WordPress plugin.

  4. Remove Broken Links

    You may have pages or posts removed from the site but the link associated with the page or post will still exist. When a user search for a page or post they land up in a broken page which will increase your sites bounce rate. Design a “404 page” and redirect broken links to this page or to similar pages.

    I would recommend you to fix all broken links for better search engine visibility and user experience.

    To fix broken links try using: http://validator.w3.org/checklink

    Alternatively you can also use this broken link checker plugin – Will look for all broken links in the site.

    Also, remove unwanted tags & disable or limit Post Revisions (Ask your website developer to help you with limiting the post revision)

  5. Database cleanup

    Finally, with the above-mentioned list like adding/removing plugins, media, posts, comments etc will always add a flag or record to your database. So it’s important to go and clean up the database using plugins like WP-Optimize. This plugin will help you remove all unwanted data from the database which in turn will reflect in site performance, but do this database cleanup at the end.

    Improve your Website’s performance with WP-Optimize now! This plugin:
    • Removes all unnecessary data (e.g. trashed/unapproved/spam comments, stale data)
    • Automatic scheduled clean-ups
    • Retains a set number of weeks’ data during clean-ups & triggers
    • pre-optimized backup via UpdraftPlus
    • Removes old post revisions / Auto drafts
    • Removes spam and un-approved comments
    • Optimizes Database Tables

So doing all the above, will keep your site safe, protected, clean, improve loading speed and most importantly will keep your audience HAPPY 🙂

You can also Hire WordPress Developer from Authorselvi to clean up your WordPress website now. We have 24/7 WordPress Support team to help with help you!

Good luck with your WordPress website.

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