How to choose a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme to build website is definitely a harder task than everyone think. With unlimited pool of free and premium WordPress themes to choose from, it becomes overwhelmed to choose a suitable theme. And there are N number of online marketplace selling WordPress
themes, being the top of the lot and the rest like Template Monster, Themify, Elegant Themes, StudioPress, Artisan Themes, iThemes and much more.

I would now like to tell you about the things you must consider while choosing a WordPress theme for your website.

  1. Free vs Paid WordPress themes

    A large number of developers in WordPress community have created thousands of great themes and made it available for FREE. On the other hand, some developers have made built themes as paid once. The major difference between FREE & PAID theme is documentation, support and updates.

    The FREE theme often requires author credit link to the theme developer site while the paid theme offers best in class support.

    But I would say there is no much difference between FREE & PAID themes, its all depends on the kind of website you want to build and time. So choose wisely.

  2. Design & UI

    The purpose of website is to show off your brand in online. So choose theme that will make your website look great, easy to navigate and easy to use for your site visitors. And make sure to find theme that matches most of your functional requirement too.

  3. Responsive

    Make sure the theme which you choose is Responsive and resizes automatically to work in every devices you access like computers, mobile devices and large display monitors. You don’t know what will be the monitor screen size of visitors who is accessing the website, so I would suggest you to pick theme which is fully responsive.

  4. SEO

    There is no point of having a website without getting any business from it. So we should be sure that out website should rank in Google search result and we get some leads from it. So choose a theme which is “SEO Optimized” or “SEO Ready”. And ensure, whether the theme
    is coded correctly by validating it using any of the online tool like

  5. Features & Functionality

    No theme can match your 100% need but it can fulfill 80% of your features you were looking for. So choose & view theme demo before placing the order.

  6. Light & Feature Heavy Themes

    Loading speed of website is crucial factor. Fast loading website improves the general user experience, search engine rankings and conversion rates. Some themes may be bit heavy due to graphics used to achieve the design or too get many features or due to poor coding. So avoid using such themes while building the website.

  7. Ease of customization

    We can’t install the theme and ignore it. We need to customize the theme to match our brand color & style. So we need to find theme which is easy to customize instead of spending thousand dollars to try changing something. We need to find a fully customizable WordPress theme within
    WordPress dashboard like changing logo, banner images, gallery, video etc should not be a rocket science.

  8. Documentation, Support & Updates

    There should be a proper documentation on how to install or make small changes to the theme. And it should be easy to write to theme developer and get our doubts or issues resolved. And whenever there is a update, we should be able to update it without breaking our existing
    design & functions.

  9. Security

    Security of a website is the top most priority. Yes, the theme should be free from Malware & hackers. It should be not easily manipulated or hacked by anyone. If a theme has a security loophole, then we are going to be a deep trouble. So pick theme wisely by reading the
    reviews & comments listed on the theme purchase page.

  10. Reviews & Ratings

    Best theme will have countless reviews & ratings. So choose and use theme which has good ratings & reviews instead of using something which is new & cheap. A better product is always placed at better price.

    Did you know that you can hire WordPress developer to install or customize a WordPress theme? Services start from as low as $50.

    Wrapping it up.

    I have listed out few important factor that has to be considered when Finding a perfect WordPress theme for your business. Good luck!

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